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Welcome to this Hyperacusis James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership survey.

Thank you for agreeing to participate!

What is hyperacusis?

Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder involving an increased sensitivity or decreased tolerance to everyday sound at levels that would not trouble most individuals. For the person experiencing hyperacusis everyday sounds can be unpleasant, intense, frightening, painful, and overwhelming and can cause anxiety affecting their quality of life.

We need you to vote for your Top 10 research questions about hyperacusis

We want to identify the Top 10 questions that research should target. Our first survey asked for people with lived experience of hyperacusis, and parents, carers, teachers, members of the public and healthcare professionals who work with and support those with hyperacusis to submit any "unanswered" questions they had about hyperacusis.

You now have the opportunity to choose 10 "unanswered" questions about hyperacusis that you think are the most important for research to target. Anyone with experience of hyperacusis (listed above) can complete this survey. You do not have to have taken part in any previous studies.

The survey should not take longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Why do this?

Your responses will help us and other organisations to target research and funding for hyperacusis. This really is a unique opportunity to have your say and make sure that future research addresses questions that matter to you and others like you.

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